Casino Ticket Software, Casino Ticketing, Best Event Ticketing Software, Casino Event Ticketing
Casino Ticket Software, Casino Ticketing, Best Event Ticketing Software, Casino Event Ticketing
Casino Ticket Software, Casino Ticketing, Best Event Ticketing Software, Casino Event Ticketing
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Connect your player’s club rewards with event ticketing, gain better insights, and offer an unmatched experience for your players.

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Seamlessly Integrate Ticketing into Your Player’s Club

HoldMyTicket provides an amazing user experience for your players. We work alongside your entertainment team to ensure players receive a positive event experience from the moment they purchase a ticket.

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All the Tools You Need

Player Development

HoldMyTicket integrates with your player development system, allowing players to purchase event tickets with casino rewards online or at the box office. Learn how many VIP players are attending events and alert key staff when a premier player has checked in. These features maximize the potential for revenue.

Reserved Seating

Reserved seating has never been easier to manage, sell, or operate. Our intuitive reserved seating interface gives your team the ability to manage holds, exchange seats, and void/release seats.

Swarm Box Office

Running a box office at a casino is no easy undertaking. HoldMyTicket offers a complete box office solution that is compatible with any device, sell and scan tickets at the door, and gives you accurate data on your patrons and event.
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Marketing Tools

With our real-time analytics, empower your marketing team to attract the right people to your casino and VIP list! With our integrated social media event and sharing tools, e-blast and announcement platform, and other marketing tools, we make event publishing and sharing easier than ever.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We understand how critical training and support are for new partners. We provide 24/7/365 support and complete training from the moment you entrust us with your business. Our development team works endlessly to ensure that any support request is handled as quickly as humanly possible. Drop us a line to get started.
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Ticket Sales

Whether you need to sell online, in your box office, or over the phone -- we have you covered! HoldMyTicket provides a total phone sale service for our clients.


With HoldMyTicket’s Spark event management and ticketing solutions, we have made it simple for our users to coordinate every step of their event and sell tickets online in minutes! Integrate social media and marketing tools, reports and analytics, and gain access to the best ticketing software.
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Shift, HoldMyTicket’s customer relations manager (CRM), allows you to track user experience, interact with patrons, and give valuable data to ensure the best online ticketing and event experience for your guests. Online event registration and ticket sales are now easier than ever!

No Cost

We charge a small service fee which a little over 90% of our clients pass on to their patrons. We give you the option to take on the whole cost, partial cost, or pass the cost on to ticket buyers.

Swarm Event Ticketing

Enterprise Software, Without the Enterprise Price-tag

HoldMyTicket provides a tailored ticketing platform to Festival's nationwide. Below are just a few features we offer.

Real-Time Data

HoldMyTicket captures the critical data you need to market and engage with patrons pre & post event. Empower your festival with accurate insights + analytics.

Hardware + Equipment

Does your festival require hardware? HoldMyTicket is compatible with Boca printers, cash drawers, Linea Pro's, Magtek swipers, RFID, and more! We can accommodate any size of festival or box office configuration.

Network Concerns?

HoldMyTicket's box office app Swarm has an industry first offline mode. This ensures that your event never pays the price for network instability. Continue to validate, and operate your festival - we got your back.

Sell Securely

All payments processed and data transmitted via HoldMyTicket are handled under strict PCI Level 1 compliance. We incorporate industry-best practices to make sure your patrons data is safe.

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We’ll work hard, so you can play hard.

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  • “We've been extremely impressed with the service provided to us by HoldMyTicket. Very responsive team and easy company to work with, HoldMyTicket has become a valuable tool for determining how we can better satisfy our customers. I enjoy our partnership!”
    Sean L
    Isleta Resort & Casino
  • “HoldMyTicket was one of the best things to ever happen to our theatre. They have been so marvelous to work with. Always responsive and concerned about our needs. Our ticket sales and marketing abilities have been enhanced enormously with customized improvements and functionality. We love our partnership.”
    Randy B.
    Egyptian Theatre
  • “I can't say enough good things about HoldMyTicket, you've made my life a lot easier!”
    Rich M.
  • “HoldMyTicket has turned out to be more of a partner than a service provider,” ... “We regularly send in feature requests and have been thrilled to see many of our suggestions rolled into the next software revision.”
    Neal C.
    Amp Concerts

Frequently Asked Questions

My venue is reserved seating, can you help with that?

Absolutely! We work with you to build out your seating chart and ensure the configurations work best for your needs. Drop us a line to get started.

I would like to have equipment at my venue, how does that work?

Depending on annual ticket volume, we can work with you to provide equipment at no cost, making it easy to get started. Otherwise we can sell you the equipment you need, take a look at the shop for supported equipment.

How do refunds work?

Open a refund request with us and we can work with you to resolve it ASAP.

How does support work?

Open a support request via email or call us over the phone, we are here to help!

How do I get paid from my ticket sales?

This depends on your merchant account. You can opt into using your own merchant account like Stripe, or Paypal, when doing so, you will receive deposits on a 1-2 day rolling period for your ticket sales. If you choose to use HoldMyTicket to handle your merchant processing, ticket sales are paid the monday following your event via check or direct deposit.

Can I get printed tickets to sell?

You bet! We have a simple way for you to order and customize tickets that can be shipped to your door overnight, 2 day , or standard USPS.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! We allow our users to operate without a contract, you can come and go as you like.

Does my customer data get shared?

No, we will never sell, distribute or share your customer data. It is your data afterall!

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