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Reports & Analytics

It’s essential for event coordinators and promoters to accurately and securely track their sales and progress. HoldMyTicket provides detailed reports and audits for every type of ticket sales with our CRM, Shift.

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HoldMyTicket Real Time Ticket Data

Real-time Data

We provide analysis of real-time customized data, allowing you to monitor sales and ticket scans at any moment. Market your event accurately with Spark.

HoldMyTicket Ticket Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Automated financial audits and revenue data are a fundamental component of HoldMyTicket’s architecture. Every single aspect of ticket sales is covered thoroughly and accurately with graphs, audits, emails, exports, and more!

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Detailed Breakdowns

Our software provides breakdowns of cash, check, comp, credit card, walk-up, and online sales for daily and long term reporting. You can easily view and print accurate settlement reports for every event.

HoldMyTicket Demographic Ticket Reports

Demographic Reports

We incorporate charts and maps so you can determine who, when, and where patrons are purchasing. These reports, combined with custom tracking codes and analytics, is the perfect way to plan and evaluate successful ad campaigns.

HoldMyTicket Demographic Ticket Reports


Track sales and conversions when using Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or use your customized tracking codes. Understand sales from every angle when you track with HoldMyTicket.