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HoldMyTicket Blog CMS

Intiutive Content Manager

Sparks offers easy to build pages, navigation, and blogs just with a few clicks. Tweak your content and design in draft mode, and publish it exactly when you are ready. Everything is directly in sync with our event managment system, Spark, and changes are cached for even better user experience.

Multiple layout options mean that dramatically altering the look of your site is a quick change in your configuration — Instantly updating your site while keeping your functionality exactly the same.

Designed for moblie devices out of the box.

Keep up with the ever increasing demand of mobile users. Every design layout is mobile ready right out of the box, with no additional configuration needed. We want all your events to been accessible on any device new or old.


Multiple Feed Types

Use event calendars, event list feeds, group or sort by tags. Customize your site exactly how you need.

View On Any Device

Sites accessible from any mobile device or desktop computer, regardless of operating system or browser.

Create Blogs

Reach out to your buyers with exciting news, updates, and up and coming shows/events with our blog creation section.